Museum of Salt-Making


The Museum of Salt-Making at the Sečovlje Salt-pans Landscape Park – Fontanigge

The museum is located at the formerly used Secovlje salt-pans to the right of the Giassi channel. The complex encloses three restored salt-pan houses, their salt pools and the Giassi channel as the main supply of seawater. One of the restored houses comprises a collection dealing with the old salt-making in general, while the other contains a salt repository and contemporarily furnished rooms and kitchen that can be used during the summer months by people working in salt pools and, occasionally, by individuals or groups involved in research and pedagogical work.


In the restored salt-pans a group of salt-workers use traditional methods and tools. A systematic scheme of how salt-pans function can be seen on the ground floor of the Museum. Any of the salt-workers in the salt-pans of the museum will gladly explain the traditional method of work.